Books For UPSC Psychology Preparations

Here is a list of books that are useful for Psychology especially from UPSC prelims point of view :

1.Psychology - by Robert A.Baron ISBN-81-7808 623-9 (Pearson Education)
2.Introduction to Psychology - Morgan & King ISBN-0-07-462250-1 (Tata Mc graw Hill)
3.Kaplan's GRE for Psychology ISBN-0-7342-4465-6
4.Penguin's Dictionary of Psychology (just to look up terms and definitions quickly)
5.IIMS Psychology Questions Bank for Prelims (IIMS Publications)

For starters this is all that you need for getting on track for prelims preparation as far as psychology is concerned.Start with Baron and then read Morgan&King.After getting some familiarity with terms and names in psychology read GRE book.


Please post your thoughts and queries for Books For UPSC Psychology Preparations