UPSC Prelims Examination Nature

1.The exam is of objective type , so the emphasis is more on being able to recognize the answer and not recalling it verbatim.

2.The key to clearing prelims is being really good with your Optional subject and an above average score in GS.For example, I had psychology as my optional and having no background in the subject I had to focus much more on psychology than GS to get comfortable with the subject.

3.Eliminating wrong choices is as important as knowing the correct answer.With every elimination of a wrong option your chance of hitting the right answer increases exponentially.

4.Testing yourself on UPSC question papers of previous years will build your confidence as well as allow you to revise the subject. This should be done once you are comfortable with the subject sometimes around March.

5.Keeping cool in pressure situation is critical to success. Everyone gets anxious before exam but good preparation will help you to keep your nerves under control.

6.You are not required to answer all the questions ,but you should not miss out on easy questions and should also be able to answer few difficult questions which a large majority would not answer correctly.This would give you the edge.

You might be thinking all this is common sense ,but believe me common sense is not so common and I have seen people making common mistakes and suffering. So be open to ideas and make use of experience of others and do not learn only by trial and error.


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