SSC study materials – Computer

Facts about Computer:

v Hardware refers to the physical parts of the computer such as electronic circuits, keyboards, and bolts and nuts.

v Software is the set of instruction which give to the computer.

v Memory is that part of the computer where the programme and data are stored.

v CPU is compared to human brain.

v The control unit superviser and controls the operation of ALU, input and output devices.

v Abacus was the earliest device of country.

v French mathematician Blaise Pascal invented a machine based on gear wheels.

v Computer scientists honoured Pascal by naming a programming language Pascal.

v Babbage – Father of computer. He invented "Babbage's and Analytical Engine".

v Lady Ada Lorelace – the first computer programmes.

v ENIAC – Electronic Numeric Integrator and Calculator

v J.P.Eckut and J.W.Mauchy invented the first electronic computer.


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