UPSC Chemistry Exam Study Materials

v A gas has property of indefinite expansion and neither a fixed volume nor a fixed shape.

v Water are used in the production of biogas.

v Sodium benzoid is used for the preservation of grains.

v The main constituents of table salt are sodium and chlorine.

v Carbon atoms are arranged in a tetrahedral configuration in diamond.

v Bakellite is a thermo-setting plastic, but not a natural one.

v An excited hydrogen atoms return to the ground state they emit protons.

v Atoms are composed of electrons and nuclei (i.e.) protons and neutrons.

v Zinc and copper make the terminals of the torch cell.

v Cobalt is useful in making rent-resistant alloys.

v In cold countries, alcohol is preferred to mercury as a thermometer liquid because alcohol has a very low freezing point.

v Gasohol is a combination of gasoline and ethyl alcohol.

v A petrol fire can be test extinguished by using water and halogenated hydro carbons.

v The electronegativity of elements decrease while going down is a group in the periodic table.

v Sodium would turn when put into water.

v Calcium is extracted from electrolysis.

v Cathode rays are deflected by electric and magnetic field.

v Hydrogens cannot be used as an automobile fuel because of its highly explosive nature.

v The coolest used in fast brudor reactors is generally liquid sodium.

v The energy from wood can be extracted more efficiency through the process of carbonization, pylosis and gasification.

v Chlorobenzene reacts with chloral to give DDT.

v Metals are better conductors of heat because of ionic bonding.

v Nylon, Poly ethylene and Teflon are the thermoplastic polymers.

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